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    20 Years of Focus
    Aisent Plastics

    Your housekeeper

    Product Safety

    With the scientific and technological strength of the enterprise, we provide perfect product quality and safety guarantee for our partners.

    Selected Materials

    We carefully select high-quality raw materials for extrusion molding, everything from the source to grasp to ensure the selection of high-quality materials.

    Product Inspection

    After we produce the products, we will carry out safety testing and sell them after reaching certain safety standards to ensure the quality of the products.

    Customized Design

    We design, develop and produce according to the different requirements of customers, to create high quality products for you.

    Factory Strength

    We have 80,000 square meters of production plant, 60,000 square meters of production warehouse, existing 200 employees and more than 50 professional production technicians.

    • Product Safety
      Product Safety
    • Selected Materials
      Selected Materials
    • Product Inspection
      Product Inspection
    • Customized Design
      Customized Design
    • Factory Strength
      Factory Strength
    PVC Trunking,PVC Conduit
    Foshan Aisent Plastic Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which mainly produces PVC extrusion plastic products and lighting products. The company has advanced domestic equipment and a group of technicians with many years of professional production experience. It has many years of rich production experience and perfect management mode. For many years, the company has adhered to the principle of "high quality products, warm and thoughtful service, competitive price and prompt delivery".
    • 20year

      Over the years of production experience

    • 100people

      Professional production technicians

    • 8000m2

      Square metre production plant

    Enterprise Honor

    Honorary Certificate of PVC Wire Groove Honorary Certificate of PVC Wire Groove Honorary Certificate of PVC Wire Groove Honorary Certificate of PVC Wire Groove Honorary Certificate of PVC Wire Groove
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