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    Maintenance method of PVC tube!
    Maintenance method of PVC tube!


    PVC tube is also used in many areas of life, but people often neglect its maintenance in the process of use, good maintenance can increase the service life of PVC tube, so for PVC management, maintenance is very important, next, Essen will tell you about the maintenance methods of PVC tube.

    1. PVC pipes should be concealed under pressure. Generally, the working pressure should be taken as the pressure holding pressure. The pressure can be removed only after the concealed layer reaches the allowable strength.

    2, as the PVC tube is soft and its mechanical strength is not high, it is necessary to strictly prevent physical damage. After installation, it is strictly prohibited to knock, touch, smash and press. After covering up, the pipeline should be covered with protective measures. Some measures must be taken to prevent the pipes from breaking down before they are closed, because the elements of the PVC pipe are very important. It is easy to neglect that chemical damage is prevented in construction. When installed outdoors or in pipelines with direct sunlight, a dark protective layer should be wrapped to prevent chemical damage caused by sunlight.

    3. During the low temperature period in winter, if there is no good insulation measures, the water in the PVC pipe should be blown out in time to prevent the pipe from freezing.

    4. After the concealment is completed, the marking must be made to prevent the pipeline from being damaged by other projects.
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