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    PVC Wire Channel Encyclopedia
    PVC Wire Channel Encyclopedia


    PVC wire groove, that is, polyvinyl chlorid (PVC = polyvinylchlorid, a synthetic material), is commonly referred to as line groove, electrical wiring groove, line groove, etc. PVC groove is a kind of groove. There are many kinds of grooves. According to the different materials, the grooves are divided into many kinds according to the daily growth of the wiring equipment industry. The commonly used ones are environment-friendly flame-retardant PVC groove, halogen-free PPO groove, halogen-free PC/ABS groove, steel and aluminium metal groove, etc.

    Made of PVC plastic, it has the characteristics of insulation, arc-proof, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing.

    The internal wiring of PVC cable groove gas equipment plays a mechanical and electrical protection role for the wires laid therein in the electrical equipment of 1200V and below. After use, the wiring is convenient, the wiring is neat, the installation is reliable, and the wiring is easy to find, maintain and change.

    Specifications and models:
    There are many kinds and specifications of PVC trough, from the model point of view:
    PVC-20 Series
    PVC-25 Series
    PVC-25F Series
    PVC-30 Series
    PVC-40 Series
    PVC-40Q series, etc.
    Specifications are as follows:
    20 mm*12 mm,
    30 mm*15 mm,
    18mm * 38mm, etc.

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